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Reliable, real-time routing in wireless sensor and actuator networks

: Krogmann, M.; Heidrich, M.; Bichler, D.; Barisic, D.; Stromberg, G.

Postprint urn:nbn:de:0011-n-1544734 (606 KByte PDF)
MD5 Fingerprint: 389dbd0116a92287e316b0eec37eb26d
Created on: 12.4.2011

ISRN communication and networking 2011 (2011), Art. 943504, 8 pp.
ISSN: 2090-4355
ISSN: 2090-4363
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer ESK ()
routing; wireless sensor; actuator networks; quality of service; routing metric

We present a novel Reliable, Real-time Routing protocol (3R) based on multipath routing for highly time-constrained Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks (WSANs). The protocol consists of a newly designed routing metric and a routing algorithm utilizing this metric. Our routing metric enables strong Quality-of-Service (QoS) support based on parallel transmissions which significantly reduces transmission delays in WSANs. A routing algorithm utilizing this metric is presented based on Dijkstra's shortest path. A novel Medium Access Control (MAC) layer that supports dynamical adjustments of retransmission limits, reduces traffic overhead in multipath routing protocols. Thorough simulations have been performed to evaluate the routing protocol, and the results show that real-time performance of WSANs can be vastly improved.