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Properties of super-hard carbon films deposited by pulsed arc process

: Grimm, W.; Weihnacht, V.


Vacuum 85 (2010), No.4, pp.506-509
ISSN: 0042-207X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWS ()

The pulsed vacuum arc discharge (pulsed arc) is the most efficient PVD-technology for the deposition of super-hard carbon films on tools and machinery parts. Using the pulsed arc discharge a stable evaporation process of carbon and an efficient deposition of hydrogen-free ta-C type films is possible. In this paper, important properties of such ta-C films and their process conditions are explained. The films were characterized by hardness measurements using nanoindentation, friction and wear properties using oscillating sliding tests, and structural analysis using Raman spectroscopy.