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Smart integration of electric vehicles into European power grids

: Metz, M.; Dötsch, C.; Warweg, O.; Schaller, F.; Mattes, K.; Dallinger, D.; Kley, F.

Bukovic-Schäferk, A.S. ; Ostbayerisches Technologie-Transfer-Institut e.V. -OTTI-, Regensburg:
Smart grids and E-mobility. 2nd European conference 2010 : Brussels, Belgium, October 20th/21st, 2010
Regensburg: OTTI, 2010
ISBN: 978-3-941785-14-4
European Conference "Smart Grids and E-Mobility" <2, 2010, Brussels>
Conference Paper
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The Fraunhofer-Institutes UMSICHT, ISI and IOSB are currently working on concepts and profitable business solutions for the integration of electric vehicles [EVs] in the global markets for control reserve, electric energy and local power grid services. The integration process is complex, due to partly competing interests of the involved actors (energy producer, supplier, grid operator, owner). Furthermore single EVs offer a small capacity in comparison to other market participants and their main purpose is to satisfy the mobility needs of the owners. To find a solution for these conflicting options the driving behaviour of potential EV users is analyzed to obtain information about grid connection times as well as battery specific parameters on working and weekend days. Based on these information specific grid connection scenarios for EVs are defined, which differ in their characteristics (e.g. place, time, duration of a (dis)charging process). The objective is to gain information about how to determine the real available positive or negative capacity/power of a pool of EVs in a grid. The next step is to examine how the defined global and local marketing options can be integrated to balance individual interests (e.g. cost optimized charging for the user, arbitrage for the pool operator, security of energy supply for the grid operator) and political interests (safe and efficient energy distribution system).