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Multifunctional application of adiabatic compressed air energy storage co-located with wind power

: Wolf, D.; Kanngießer, A.; Dötsch, C.; Span, R.

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Columbia Univ., Center for Life Cycle Analysis -CLCA-, New York/NY:
2nd Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) Conference & Workshop 2010 : Integrating Wind-Solar-CAES, Columbia University, New York City, October 20-21, 2010
New York/NY, 2010
Compressed Air Energy Storage Conference & Workshop (CAES) <2, 2010, New York/NY>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()

CAES plants are custom made installations that can be adapted to a certain degree to their intended application. For adiabatic CAES plants these degrees of freedom are represented by the heat storage concept and dimensioning as well as by the turbo machinery's general arrangement and part load performance. The presentation gives a detailed analysis of an application of A-CAES plant colocated with a wind farm on a 110 kV grid. It entails determination of the optimal size of a wind farm and A-CAES plant for given project boundary conditions, and the operational regime of an optimized system. A Generic Optimization Model for Energy Storage (GOMES®), a high resolution optimization model has been developed and applied. It was also examined how a multifunctional storage operation can be realized comprising direct wind energy storage as well as spot market and tertiary reserve market participation simultaneously. It is shown that such a multifunctional operation improves the profitability of CAES plants compared to singular operation at only one market.