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Cleanroom suitability of equipments

: Gommel, Udo; Bürger, Frank

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Created on: 1.3.2011

Japan Air Cleaning Association -JACA-; International Committee on Contamination Control Societies -ICCCS-:
ISCC 2010, International Symposium on Contamination Control. Proceedings : October 5th - 9th, 2010, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, 2010
International Symposium on Contamination Control (ISCC) <2010, Tokyo>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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Reinraumtauglichkeit; Cleanroom suitable materials (CSM); cleanroom suitability; standardization; ISO 14644; Reinraum; Normung

The classification of cleanrooms is defined in ISO 14644-1, 14644-8. For equipments no international standard exists that enables an equipment cleanliness classification. But the use of equipments and its construction materials have a major impact on the cleanroom class according to the systems set in 14644-1, -8, -9, -10. A classification system for the equipment (cleanroom suitability) is needed, which is directly related to the already established classification system of cleanrooms (ISO 14644-1, -8, -9, -10). Therefore a new international standard "Cleanroom Suitability of Equipments" is proposed within the ISO 14644-family. This new international standard will provide the missing link between equipment and the respective cleanliness classes and foster comparability of equipment and materials used for its construction. This standard will provide - for the first time on an international level - a classification system for equipments and tools.