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Novel self-cleaning coatings: Development and testing

Nowoczesne powloki samoczyszczace: rozwój i badania
: Krawczyk, Katarzyna; Aktas, Lukas; Wanner, Matthias; Schauer, Thadeus

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Pajak, A. ; Instytut Inzynierii Materialów Polimerowych i Barwników:
ACT 2010, 9th International Conference Advances in Coatings Technology. Conference papers. CD-ROM : 23 - 25 November 2010, Katowice, Poland
Gliwice, 2010
ISBN: 978-83-930513-1-1
International Conference Advances in Coatings Technology (ACT) <9, 2010, Katowice>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IPA ()
self-cleaning coatings; selbstreinigende Schicht; Selbstreinigung; Beschichten; Additiv; Schichtstoff; UV; Reflexion; Infrarottechnik

Self-cleaning coatings, which follow the concepts of photocatalysis, superhydrophobicity or superhydrophilicity, are commercially available. The self-cleaning properties of such coatings, however, are significantly degraded, when they are exposed to scratching or surface tension affecting substances. Within this work a novel concept to generate surfaces with self-cleaning properties is proved. This concept bases on a usage of UV/IR-reflecting additives in organic or inorganic/organic hybrid coatings. The self-cleaning properties of these coatings are evaluated by the outdoor exposure and with a novel quantitative short-time test. The results obtained show a good correlation. Additional methods for the quantification of the UV-induced degradation of coatings are proposed.