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Comparison of the HPM and the UWB susceptibility of microprocessor boards

: Nitsch, D.; Sabath, F.; Braun, C.; Schmidt, H.U.

United States, Naval Academy:
AMEREM 2002. Abstracts
Annapolis, Md., 2002
AMEREM <2002, Annapolis/Md.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer INT ()
microprocessor circuit board; Mikroprozessor-Platine; HPM; UWB; high power microwave; Hochleistungsmikrowelle; susceptibility measurement; Empfindlichkeitsuntersuchung

In this paper the measurement setups are briefly described. The measured susceptibility levels of microprocessor boards against UWB and HPM pulses are presented and compared to calculations based on the measurements of the generic boards. The different effects and damage mechanisms will be discussed.