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Chemical and gas-phase kinetics in a CHF3 + Ar discharge

: Barz, J.; Lunk, A.; Oehr, C.

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Keudell, A. von:
19th International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry, ISPC 2009. Online Proceedings : Bochum, July 26 to 31, 2009
Online im WWW, 2009
4 pp.
International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry (ISPC) <19, 2009, Bochum>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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The present work deals with experimental investigation as well as modeling
of radical and metastable kinetics in a trifluoromethane/argon plasma. Therefore,
space- and time-resolved laser-induced fluorescence measurements of the CF and CF2
densities were carried out. For the interpretation of the observed glow and afterglow
density data, the discharge was modeled from both the plasma kinetical and chemical
point of view.