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Towards automotive embedded systems with self-X properties

: Weiss, G.; Zeller, M.; Eilers, D.

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Created on: 25.3.2011

Chiaberge, M.:
New Trends and Developments in Automotive System Engineering
Rijeka: INTECH, 2011
ISBN: 978-953-307-517-4
Book Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer ESK ( IKS) ()
DynaSoft; DynaSim; EAST-ADL; SystemC; self-adaptive

With self-adaptation and self-organization new paradigms for the management of distributed systems have been introduced. By enhancing the automotive software system with self-X capabilities, e.g. self-healing, self-configuration and self-optimization, the complexity is handled while increasing the flexibility, scalability and dependability of these systems. In this chapter we present an approach for enhancing automotive systems with self-X properties. At first, we discuss the benefits of providing automotive software systems with self-management capabilities and outline concrete use cases. Afterwards, we will discuss requirements and challenges for realizing adaptive automotive embedded systems.