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Dynamic characterization of thin aluminum nitride microstructures

: Knöbber, F.; Bludau, O.; Röhlig, C.-C.; Sah, R.E.; Williams, O.A.; Kirste, L.; Leopold, S.; Pätz, D.; Cimalla, V.; Ambacher, O.; Lebedev, V.


Physica status solidi. C 8 (2011), No.2, pp.479-481
ISSN: 1610-1634
ISSN: 1610-1642
ISSN: 1862-6351
International Symposium on Compound Semiconductors (ISCS) <37, 2010, Takamatsu>
Journal Article, Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IAF ()

In this work we report on the mechanical and material properties of membranes made of AlN and nanodiamond for the use in tunable micro-optics. AlN membranes with and without metal contacts have been studied in dynamic mode by laser Doppler vibrometry.