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Establishing workflow execution by mapping IEM to BPEL - design and implementation

: Chen, L.
: Mertins, K.; Jaekel, F.-W.

Berlin, 2010, 112 pp.
Berlin, TU, Master Thesis, 2010
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer IPK ()
BPEL; workflow; execution engine; MO²GO

Motivation Production enterprises require not only a clear design of their processes but also the execution of the processes in the right manner. IEM is an enterprise modeling method used for enterprise process design. It is successfully used since 15 years in the modeling system MO²GO to analyze, optimize, design and manage enterprise processes in industry. Within the last decade a concept has been promoted to derive the process execution directly from a model. A famous language for this approach is the business process language (BPEL). A process execution defined in BPEL should be executable by any engine which provides a BPEL interface. Therefore, open source engines as well as commercial engines have been developed based on BPEL. The question still open is the applicability of BPEL to archive a sufficient process execution from a enterprise model in IEM. Goal Identify the needs and constrains of the transfer from an enterprise model to an open source process execution engine using BPEL by providing a mapping concept IEM to BPEL and realize a prototype to prove the concept.