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Optical wireless communication - jump on a new experience

: Deicke, F.; Grätz, H.

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Hascher, W. ; Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie -ZVEI-:
Wireless Congress 2010. Systems & Applications. CD-ROM : November 10 - 11, 2010, Munich, Germany
Poing: WEKA Fachmedien Verlag, 2010
9 pp.
Wireless Congress "Systems & Applications" <2010, München>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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Currently, there is enormous progress in the field of optical wireless communication. There is the well known IrDA organization approved 1 Gbps Giga-IR standard recently. In addition there are many more players fostering that kind of wireless technology. There is the IEEE 802.15.7 task group founded in 2008 and focusing on visible light communication in combination with state of the art illumination. Data rates are available up to 100 Mbps with link distances up to some meters. Furthermore, there are other organizations like VLCC, ICSA and ISO as well as various scientific approaches to make optical wireless usable in the public. This paper will introduce different cutting-edge technologies regarding optical wireless communication, research and standardization work as well as provide an overview of various applications where those technologies can be used advantageously. Current application scenarios are, for example, complete wireless terminal solutions for portable devices, Car2X communication, wireless indoor communication - also called "talking light" - for conference rooms, aircrafts, trains, or coaches, inter-machine communication, and many more.