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Comparative study of the electrical properties and characteristics of thermally sprayed alumina and spinel coatings

: Toma, F.-L.; Scheitz, S.; Berger, L.-M.; Sauchuk, V.; Kusnezoff, M.; Thiele, S.


Journal of thermal spray technology 20 (2011), No.1-2, pp.195-204
ISSN: 1059-9630
ISSN: 1544-1016
Journal Article
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In this study, APS and HVOF processes have been used to prepare alumina (Al2O3) and magnesium spinel (MgAl2O4) coatings designed for insulating applications. The electrical characteristics, i.e., dielectric strength and electrical resistance (electrical resistivity) were investigated using different methods: dielectric breakdown test, direct current (DC) measurements, and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). The electrical resistance was measured at room temperature at different relative humidity (RH) levels (from 6% RH to 95% RH) as well as at 200 °C. The coating microstructure, phase composition, and water vapor sorption were studied. Differences in the electrical insulating properties due to the different coating system characteristics are discussed. Of the coatings and conditions investigated in this study, the HVOF spinel coatings showed superior dielectric breakdown strength and electrical resistance stability at high humidity levels.