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Liquid phase formation in the system SiC, Al2O3, Y2O3

: Neher, R.; Herrmann, M.; Brandt, K.; Jaenicke-Rößler, K.; Pan, Z.; Fabrichnaya, O.; Seifert, H.J.


Journal of the European Ceramic Society 31 (2011), No.1-2, pp.175-181
ISSN: 0955-2219
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IKTS ()

The liquid phase formation in the system SiC-Al2O3-Y2O3 was investigated via differential thermal analysis (DTA) combined with thermogravimetry (TG). For this purpose mixtures of various alumina and yttria mol ratios and 10 and 20 mol% silicon carbide were densified and heat treated at different temperatures. It was shown that silicon carbide in the examined amounts has low influence on the melting temperature of the oxide phase. The compositions and microstructures formed were studied by SEM, EDX and XRD. The results were compared to thermodynamic calculations.