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An application oriented rule system for enterprise model constancy and quality checking

: Hao, L.
: Jaekel, F.-W.; Mertins, K.

Berlin, 2010, 85 pp.
Berlin, TU, Master Thesis, 2010
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer IPK ()
IEM; MO²GO; model consistency; OCL

The analysis, design and implementation of enterprise processes are supported by enterprise modelling techniques. The model is use to understand the processes as well as the related organisation. Since several years it became common also to derive applications from an enterprise model. An example of such an application is the process assistant developed at IPK. It implements management systems such as ISO 9000 in the intranet of a company on the basis of an enterprise model in IEM/MO²GO. This requires good consistency and correctness of the model. This is not only a consistency related to a correct application of the modelling methodology which is usually checked during the modelling process. It is also the check regarding the specific application such as for ISO9000 what each process should have a clear organisational responsibility. These roles related to a specific application needs to be formulated and checked against an enterprise model before the application generation takes place. Currently these checks have to be done manually in IEM (Integrated Enterprise Modelling). Therefore a tool is required to model and check application related rules. Goal Identify an adequate mechanism for rule definition and checking for an IEM model in MO²GO NG. Implement the mechanism and prove it on real examples such as the ISO9000 implementation.