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IEEE 1394 embedded system design for industrial image acquisition

: Scholles, M.

Winchell, M.; Snider, J. ; Texas Instruments Inc., Dallas/Tex.:
1394 Developer's Conference 2000. Proceedings
San Jose, Calif., 2000
1394 Developer's Conference <2000, San Jose/Calif.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IMS, Außenstelle Dresden ( IPMS) ()
Standard IEEE 1394; Firewire (computer bus); embedded system; Kamera; Systementwurf

This contribution gives an overview of embedded 1394 systems for industrial image acquisition. This includes the development of a reference hardware platform and an implementation of the 1394 software layers, both suited for industrial applications. The hardware is divided into four parts: a standard 1394 embedded chipset, a microcontroller system that runs the embedded application and the higher 1394 protocol layers, some specific hardware for handling of isochronous data, and a power unit that can be fed either via the Serial Bus or an external power supply. The presentation describes these parts and their system integration. In addition, the architecture of the software is outlined. Especially, the interaction between a full implementation of Transaction Layer and Serial Bus Management on one side and an Application Programming Interface on the other side is explained in detail. It will be shown how to implement the software stack on controllers with medium performance. The application of this embedded 1394 implementation is shown by means of two industrial systems that are based on the reference design. The first one is a device for high resolution digital image acquisition. Acquired images with size up to 5000 times 7000 pixels and color resolution of 36 bit per pixel are transmitted via 1394. It can be used both for photographic purposes and for image scanning for optical quality control. The second example is a system for optical measurement of crankshafts. It consists of several cameras each of them incorporating some preprocessing circuitry and a 1394 interface.