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Simulation of AMHS in transient manufacturing scenarios

: Sturm, R.; Reddig, K.

Worldwide Automation and Performance Symposium 2002. Technical Papers : October 14-18, 2002, Phoenix, AZ, USA
Chelmsford, MA, USA: Brooks-Pri Automation, 2002
Worldwide Automation & Performance Symposium <2002, Phoenix/Ariz.>
Conference Paper
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automated material handling system; transienter Prozess; Simulation; Fertigung; Fertigungsprozeß

Commonly applied simulations are focused on steady-state behavior of an AMHS (Automated Material Handling System) and are not suitable for the investigation of highly dynamic and variable manufacturing scenarios. As wafer fabs often are in a transient statte (factroy ramp-up, down events of resources, shifts in process flow, phase-in of new products etc.) new simulation approaches are required to evaluate the robustness of an AMHS during transient events.
A model for transient simulations was implemented in AutoMod 10.0, based on a path-mover-system following the Aerotrak System of Brooks-PRI Automation. This model consists of 7 stockers and 10 turntables.
In this paper we describe two simulation experiments with the AMHS-Simulation. In the first experiment we increase the lot start rate over time. The result analysis allows us to indicate various bottlenecks in the system. In a second step we apply Frequency Domain Experiments (FDEs) to the simulation. In Frequency Domain Experiments we vary input factors over time in a sinusoidal manner and look for the frequency response ot various parts of the system. The two main goals are to identify queuing behavior of vehicles and to identify critical turntables.