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New tool for quality assurance in liquid handling

Technological innovation helps meeting FDA requirements and improves competitiveness
: Dobler, H.; Huen, J.; Kuhn, C.

Chimica oggi = Chemistry today 20 (2002), No.10, pp.55-56
ISSN: 0392-839X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Liquid Handling; quality assurance; Innovation; Qualitätsprüfung

In the current context of market globalisation, laboratory managers are confronted to contradictory necessities: reducing costs, improving quality and meeting foreign legal requirements. This implies that personnel must work more efficiently, that quality must be more demonstrable than ever, and that the whole laboratory must concentrate its efforts on those activities that are creating value.
When observing how repetitive and complex some manual laboratory tasks are, it becomes obvious that there is a potential for innovative technologies to enaaable progress in efficiency and reliability. In most laboratories, the needs are targeted towards solutions offering a large flexibility. Fraunhofer IPA develops innovative laboratory instruments through intensive technology transfer.