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Helping SMEs to care for eco-innovation beyond legal compliance

: Chancerel, P.; Schischke, K.; Alonso, J.C.; Rodrigo, J.; Cañellas, N.; Campo, F.J.

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Austrian Society for Systems Engineering and Automation:
Going Green. CARE INNOVATION 2010. Abstract Book : From legal compliance to energy-efficient products and services, 8th International Symposium and Environmental Exhibition; November 8-11, 2010, VIenna, Austria
Vienna, 2010
International Symposium and Environmental Exhibition "Care Innovation" <8, 2010, Vienna>
Abstract, Electronic Publication
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Most enterprises acknowledge that environmental aspects are a key factor for competitiveness and business sustainability. However, finding practical solutions to integrate the environmental protection in their activities is a challenge, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The goal of the research is to help SMEs to be more competitive by improving the environmental profile of their products using life cycle thinking methodologies and helping them to check their compliance 42 with different environmental legislations related to the product or manufacturing process (REACh, RoHS etc.). The innovative aspect is that users (SMEs) are able to manage different environmental topics using a common integrative approach (e.g. gathering and input the needed data only once) and without being an environmental expert. This common approach saves time and resources to the users and supports the communication of their achievements. More information is available on the project webpage