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EuP and ErP Progress of Implementation

: Nissen, N.F.; Stobbe, L.; Schischke, K.; Schlösser, A.; Mudgal, S.; Thornton, A.

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Austrian Society for Systems Engineering and Automation:
Going Green. CARE INNOVATION 2010. Abstract Book : From legal compliance to energy-efficient products and services, 8th International Symposium and Environmental Exhibition; November 8-11, 2010, VIenna, Austria
Vienna, 2010
International Symposium and Environmental Exhibition "Care Innovation" <8, 2010, Vienna>
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The paper gives an overview of the status of EuP implementation and of pending changes from the recast for "energy related products" or ErP. As an example for the ongoing stakeholder process in preparatory studies, the complex and current issue of networked standby is chosen.