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Vorrichtung zur optischen Navigation und dessen Verwendung

Optical navigation device for e.g. mobile telephone, has image sensor and light source arranged on printed circuit board, where microlens array and illumination optic are arranged on optical transparent substrate
: Duparre, J.; Brückner, A.; Wippermann, F.

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DE 102009005092 A: 20090119
DE 102009005092 A: 20090119
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(A1) Die Erfindung betrifft eine Vorrichtung zur optischen Navigation auf Basis einer Herstellung im Wafermassstab, bei der sowohl der Beleuchtungspfad als auch die Abbildungsoptik auf einer gemeinsamen Traegerstruktur integriert sind. Verwendung finden die erfindungsgemaessen Vorrichtungen zur optischen Navigation zur Steuerung eines Cursors auf einem Bildausgabegeraet oder im Bereich der Fingernavigation.


WO 2010081652 A1 UPAB: 20100802 NOVELTY - The device has an image sensor (2) comprising an image sensor unit (20) with a light sensitive surface. A microlens array (3) is arranged between an object and the image sensor and attached to the image sensor. A microlens (30) in the array is attached to the image sensor unit. The sensor array and a light source (4) are arranged on a common printed circuit board (5) e.g. semiconductor substrate. The microlens array and an illumination optic (26) are arranged on an optical transparent substrate (21). A protective disk is made of glass or optically transparent polymer. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - The light source is selected from a group consisting of LED, organic LED or laser diode. USE - Optical navigation device for an input device e.g. computer mouse, remote control and console control device, for a data processing system i.e. portable system, such as mobile telephone, personal digital assistant and laptop, for controlling a cursor on an image output device or in a region of finger navigation (all claimed). ADVANTAGE - The microlens array and the illumination optic are arranged on the common optical transparent substrate, thus reducing number of components, and hence minimizing the navigation device. The minimization of the navigation device reduces illumination distance, thus ensuring homogenous illumination of the object, and efficient imaging of the image sensor while reducing power consumption of the navigation device and reducing manufacturing cost of the navigation device.