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Gefasste optische Komponente, Verfahren zu deren Herstellung sowie deren Verwendung

Mounted optical component for use in e.g. high power laser optics, has socket tapering toward direction of joining region, and bonding medium overlapping tapered part of socket
: Beckert, E.; Damm, C.; Burkhardt, T.; Hornaff, M.

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DE 102009022079 A: 20090520
DE 102009022079 A: 20090520
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(A1) Die Erfindung betrifft eine gefasste optische Komponente sowie ein Verfahren zur Herstellung von gefassten optischen Komponenten. Weiterhin betrifft die Erfindung die Verwendung von gefassten optischen Komponenten.


DE 102009022079 A1 UPAB: 20101213 NOVELTY - The component (1) has a socket (2) firmly bonded with an optical component (3) e.g. lens or mirror, where the holder and the component comprises a wettable layer (4) in a joining region (6). The socket tapers towards a direction of the joining region, and a bonding medium (5) overlaps a tapered part of the socket. The socket comprises a recess on a side turned towards the wettable layer. The joining region has a diameter of 70 micrometer to 700 micrometer. The socket is made of metal, ceramic or polymer. The wettable layer is made of metal. USE - Mounted optical component for use in high power laser optics, optics for short wavelengths in UV, extreme UV or X-ray region, space optics, optoelectronic assembly, laser system, spectrometer and optics for medical field (all claimed). ADVANTAGE - The socket tapers towards the direction of the joining region, and the bonding medium overlaps the tapered part of the socket, thus achieving joining of optical components in a simple manner, and achieving precise mounting of the component.