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Experimental reconstruction of the mandible using polyactic acid tubes and basic fibroblast growth factor in alloplastic scaffolds

: Schliephake, H.; Jamil, M.U.; Knebel, J.W.

International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery 56 (1998), pp.616-627
ISSN: 0901-5027
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
polylactic acid tube; alloplastic scaffold; fibroblast; growth factor; woollen textile floor covering; permethrin; Indoor monitoring; health effect; biological monitoring

Purpose: This study evaluated the use of a mitogenic growth factor in combination with barrier membranes and porous alloplastic scaffolds for the repair of segmental defects of the mandible.
- Materials and methods -
- Results -
Conclusion: Repair of segmental defects using bioresorbable membranes appears to be possible. However, a single-dose application of bFGF is apparently ineffective, possibly because of rapid dilution.