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Immersive Multidomänen-Modellierung und Simulation mit Modelica-Basis

Immersive Modelica® based multi-domain modeling and simulation
: Wittstock, V.; Hesse, M.; Schreiber, A.

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Created on: 14.12.2010

Gesellschaft für Ingenieurtechnische Informationsverarbeitung -ITI-, Dresden:
ITI-Symposium 2010 : 24./25.11. 2010, Dresden
Dresden, 2010
16 pp.
Gesellschaft für Ingenieurtechnische Informationsverarbeitung (ITI Symposium) <13, 2010, Dresden>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWU ()
virtuelle Realität; Immersion; SimulationX; instantreality; VR-Simulationssystemkopplung; COM-Schnittstelle; funktionales digitales Modell; Multidomän-Modelierung und Simulation; Vorschubachse; Modelica; virtual reality; Immersion; SimulationX; instantreality; VR-simulation-system interconnection; COM-interface; functional digital mockup; multi-domain modeling and simulation; feed axis; Modelica

Previous approaches to using virtual reality systems (VR systems) for simulation purposes have been predominantly limited to playback ready-made animations. Information about characteristic values, e. g. of a machine model, usually cannot be recalled by selecting a geometry node or menu item in the virtual environment. The present paper deals with the possibilities of coupling the multidisciplinary simulation tool SimulationX with the VR system instantreality. Following this approach was motivated by the idea of achieving the vision of an interdisciplinary and intuitive working environment. During realisation, great importance was attached to the support of the modelling language Modelica, due to its highly adjustable applicability.