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Advanced state space modeling of non-proportional damped machine tool mechanics

: Neugebauer, Reimund; Scheffler, C.; Wabner, M.; Schulten, M.

Preprint urn:nbn:de:0011-n-1474682 (899 KByte PDF)
MD5 Fingerprint: 97d08edd7972650eb790f98a88ab47b5
Created on: 9.12.2010

CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology 3 (2010), No.1, pp.8-13
ISSN: 1755-5817
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWU ()
machine tool; mechatronic; simulation; damping; non-proportional damping; state-space model

In the context of virtual development processes of mechatronic systems like machine tools, the preventive assessment of the effects of light-weight structural components on the characteristics of controlled feed systems and therefore on the power- and energy requirement of machine tools is of great importance. The modelling of the damping is often limited in practical computation of real machine tools, because they are mostly limited to proportional damping characteristics. Yet the presence of discrete dampers, as for instance, in damping units in guides, or known diverse material damping in construction (components made of glass- or carbon fibre reinforced plastic), demands that the possibility of observance of non-proportional damping, in regard to later model-updating, has to be given. The article demonstrates the theoretical state-space modelling of non-proportional damped mechanics using the example of a biaxial vertical lathe.