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Model driven, component-based development

: Atkinson, C.; Groß, H.-G.

Barbier, F.:
Business component-based software engineering
Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003 (Kluwer international series in engineering and computer science 705)
ISBN: 1-4020-7207-4
pp.27-48 : Ill., Lit.
Book Article
Fraunhofer IESE ()
component modeling; model-driven architecture; component-based development; analysis; design; component-based software engineering

As complex behavioral abstractions, business components in many ways can be viewed as (sub)systems in their own right, and thus need to be treated as such. In particular, techniques are needed that enable the properties, requirements and architectures of business components to be modeled in the early analysis and design phases of software development. UML component diagrams are useful for describing the physical components from which executing systems can be deployed but are totally inadequate for describing the rich behavior and relationships of business components. This chapter addresses this need by describing a practical, systematic technique for modeling business components and the systems assembled from them. The chapter starts by describing the basic modeling artifacts used to model components, and illustrates their applications in the context of a small case study. It then goes on to discuss advanced modeling concepts needed to support the hierarchical nesting of components.