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No-regret potentials in energy conservation

An analysis of their relevance, size and determinants
: Ostertag, K.

Heidelberg: Physica-Verl., 2003, 407 pp.
Technology, Innovation, and Policy, 15
ISBN: 3-7908-1539-X
Fraunhofer ISI ()
energy economic; energy conservation; no-regret potential; Energiesparen; Klimaschutz; Realoption; Transaktionskosten; Heizungsanlage; contracting; Marktversagen; Motor; Theorie

The climate change debate has stimulated a controversy on the existence and size of potentials to reduce energy consumption at an economic benefit, so-called no-regret potentials. This book develops a theoretical evaluation framework with particular focus on transaction costs and real option theory. The resulting typology of no-regret potentials serves to re-evaluate the no-regret potential inherent in highly efficient electric motors and in energy service contracting. Both case studies confirm the existence of no-regret potentials, even if they indicate a certain spread of results around the original estimates. The book concludes with perspectives for deriving more aggregated model-based results.