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e-Industrial Services: Value-added services for the producing sector using the example of simulation

: Sihn, W.; Graupner, T.-D.

Al-Akaidi, M. ; Society for Computer Simulation International -SCS-:
2nd Middle East Symposium on Simulation and Modeling, MESM 2000 : August 28-30, 2000, Amman, Jordanien
Gent, Belgien: SCS Europe, 2000
ISBN: 1-56555-187-7
Middle East Symposium on Simulation and Modeling (MESM) <2, 2000, Amman>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
production planning; Application Solution Providing (ASP); E-Service; simulation; Fertigungsplanung; Optimierung

The producing sector experiences the changes from a nationally oriented industrial society to a globally operating information society. In the face of the predominantly negative sales development in mechanical and plant engineering, the marketing of services is a chance for manufacturers to compensate for the inactive core business. In the future, combined solutions with life cycle accompanying services will be offered by manufacturers.