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Introduction of a New Cellular Metal, WBK-MHS Hybrids and their Characterization

: Li, M.-Z.; Kang, K.-J.; Stephani, G.

Korean Journal of Advanced Materials 33 (2009), No.2, pp.206-210
Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers (Spring Conference) <2009>
Conference Paper, Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()

Ultra-light materials with open, periodic cell structures are studied by many scientists, because of their potential multi-functionality. Our research group invented the new cellular metal named WBK, fabricated with helical forming wires, and has investigated the performance of the WBK. It has been found that WBK fails by buckling of struts composing WBK. Therefore, for enhancing the resistance against buckling, this work suggests a new idea, that is WBK comprising metal hollow spheres (MHSs) in the inner space, which is named WBK-MHS hybrids. The reason of selecting MHS is that, it also had ultra light weight and high energy absorption. The compressive properties of WBK-MHS hybrid have been investigated and compared to other competitive structures. From the result, the maximum stress and energy absorption are much enhanced in comparison with simple addition of those of the corresponding stand-alone WBK and MHS. The result is attributed to suppression of buckling of struts composing WBK and uniforms deformation over the entire components. The WBK-MHS hybrids out performs competitors in the mechanical performance. Its means Hybrid WBK can widely apply to industry just like car impact bar, bumper and so on.