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42V arcing faults

Emergence, safety risk, avoidance
: Langhoff, W.; Dreyer, H.

Graf, A.:
The new automotive 42V PowerNet becomes reality : Stepping into mass production
Renningen-Malmsheim: expert verlag, 2003 (Haus der Technik Fachbuchreihe 21)
ISBN: 3-8169-2170-1
Book Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Leitung; Elektrik; elektrische Leitung; Kraftfahrzeug

Currently, the situation of the powernet in cars is characterized by the increasing power demand for additional comfort features and the ongoing process to gain fuel efficiency by the replacement of mechanically driven actuators through electric actuators. Examples are a heated steering wheel or a electric power steering. Furthermore, new features like an electric valve train or x-by-wire systems with electric actuators need a high budget powernet, capable of high dynamic loads.
By increasing the voltage from 14V to 42V, the conditions for the use of e.g. an integrated starter generator, which can also be used for recuperation, are set. This article is not meant to question the new 42V standard, the intention of this article is to inform about the possible emergence of arcing between two electric conductors or contacts, the safety risk and possible passive arcing avoidance mechanism, focused on low-and mid-power arcs.