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Interactive Volume Exploration on the StudyDesk

: Wohlfahrter, W.; Encarnacao, L.M.; Schmalstieg, D.

Rössler, A.; Cruz-Neira, C.; Riedel, O. ; Fraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation -IAO-, Virtual Reality Applications Center:
Fourth International Immersive Projection Technology Workshop 2000. Proceedings. CD-ROM : June 19-20, 2000, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA
Ames, Iowa: Iowa State University, 2000
International Immersive Projection Technology Workshop <4, 2000, Ames/Iowa>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
3D Interaction; virtual reality; augmented reality; user interface; volume data

We present the combination of an interaction-rich environment and a volume-rendering library which enables to work in an easier and more natural way on volume data. This paper describes how we combined these packages and points out the advantages of such a combination. We also give a short survey of the state of the art in volume rendering libraries and we explain why we selected SGI Volumizer as the volume rendering library for our volume VR system.