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Influence of medium consumption on cell elasticity

: Guido, I.; Jaeger, M.S.; Duschl, C.


Cytotechnology 62 (2010), No.3, pp.257-263
ISSN: 0920-9069
ISSN: 1573-0778
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IBMT ()

The mechanical behavior of a living cell is highly dynamic and constantly adapts to its local environment. Changes in temperature and chemical stimuli, such as pH, may alter the structure of the cell and its mechanical response. Thus, the mechanical properties may serve as an indicator for the cellular state. We applied dielectrophoretic forces to suspension cells by means of two microelectrodes. The resultant stretching was analyzed on consecutive cultivation days with respect to the influence of medium consumption. Systematic experiments clearly showed that the medium consumption affected the viscoelastic properties of the investigated human leukemia cells HL-60. The shift in pH value and the culture medium depletion were identified as potentially responsible for the differing temporal development of the cell deformation. Both factors were investigated separately and a detailed analysis indicated that the changes observed in the cellular stiffness were primarily attributable to nutrient depletion.