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Simulation of the co-sintering of composite structures

: Schmidt, I.; Kraft, T.


International journal of materials research 101 (2010), No.8, pp.933-941
ISSN: 1862-5282
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWM ()

This article presents some modifications of the solid state sintering model summarised in Riedel and Blug (2001) and shows its application for the simulation of distortions due to co-sintering of composite structures. The densification due to rearrangement in the early stage of sintering is taken into account by introducing an extra term in the viscosity. Detailed analyses of a layered thin structure are conducted with the finite element method and the results are compared to various analytical approximations for the case of a thin layer on a thick substrate. Two more examples show the applicability of the model to cases of practical interest.