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elasticLM - Software license management for distributed computing infrastructures

: Cacciari, C.; D'Andria, F.; Hagemeier, B.; Mallmann, D.; Martrat, J.; García Peréz, D.; Rumpl, A.; Ziegler, W.; Zsigri, C.

ERCIM News (2010), No.83, pp.43
ISSN: 0926-4981
Journal Article
Fraunhofer SCAI ()
software licenses; distributed computing infrastructures; GRID; cloud; SLA negotiation; WS-agreement

One of the major obstacles to using commercial applications in Distributed Computing Infrastructures like Grids or Clouds is the current technology that relies on controlling the use of these applications with software licenses. "Software licensing practices are limiting the acceleration of grid adoption" was one of the results of a survey of the 451group in 2005. Just recently the 451group published a similar report on obstacles to the broad adoption of Cloud Computing - and again licensing practices were listed among the top five obstacles. elasticLM overcomes the limitations of existing licensing technologies allowing seamless running of license protected applications in computing environments ranging from local infrastructures to external Grids and Clouds.