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Evaluating adaptation behavior of adaptive systems

: Antonino, Pablo; Orfgen, Marius; Schneider, Daniel; Hussain, Tanvir; Becker, Martin

Kaiserlautern, 2010, VII, 17 pp.
IESE-Report, 037.10/E
Reportnr.: 037.10/E
Fraunhofer IESE ()
testing; validation; adaptive system; dynamic adaptation; adaptation behavior

With the advent of new computing paradigms, such as Ubiquitous Computing, Ambient Intelligence, and Cyber Physical Systems, promising application domains like Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) and Car2Car have emerged. One key concern in these application domains is that systems are required to dynamically adapt in reaction to changes within the system or its environment. As a consequence, it is indispensable to incorporate corresponding facilities within systems, yielding adequate adaptation behavior to appropriately react on such dynamic changes. The definition of adaptation behavior is, however, a complex task in its own. In order to help engineers working on adaptive systems, we propose in this paper a generic testbed that allows specifying adaptation strategies and evaluating them in a runtime context to improve the adaptation behavior. Our approach further introduces basic visualization features as a means for the engineers to better evaluate the complex dynamic behavior resulting from runtime adaptation.