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Magnetoacoustic Effects in Ni in a Quasistatic Frequency Region

: Rinkevich, A.; Smorodinski, Y.; Shcherbinin, V.; Hübschen, G.; Spies, M.

The Physics of Metals and Metallography 89 (2000), pp.157-162
ISSN: 0031-918X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
elastic wave; magnetic field; crystal

The effect of magnetic field on the group velocity and polarization of elastic waves in a quasistatic region of frequencies in a Ni single crystal was studied. An acoustic analogue of the Cotton-Mouton effect is shown to occur, resulting in the ellipticity and rotation of the polarization plane of transverse ultrasound. Magnetoacoustic polarization phenomena were observed under conditions of an internal conic refraction of ultrasound. The dependence of the group velocity of the transverse wave on the magnetic field strength is monotonic, and the phase dependence exhibits an anomalous maximum.