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Knowledge of signed and direction detection in the median plane

: Plenge, G.; Brunschen, G.

International Union of Pure and Applied Physics:
7th International Congress on Acoustics 1971. Proceedings. Vol.3 : Sections M-P-U, physical acoustics
Budapest: Akad. Kiado, 1971
International Congress on Acoustics <7, 1971, Budapest>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()
signal detection; signal and direction detection; median plane; logatones

The determination of direction in the median plane is possible from information contained in direction determining frequency bands in a signal. Using logatoms radiated by loudspeakers, two series of tests were carried out, with the object of establishing whether pre-knowledge of the signal is necessary. A direction determination without pre-knowledge was not possible; in addition, the indeterminable signals were mainly located directly behind the listener.