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Relationship between short and long term rainfall rates and its implications on the design of radio links

: Albrecht, W.; Sander, J.

Frequenz 31 (1977), No.11, pp.341-3
ISSN: 0016-1136
ISSN: 2191-6349
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
microwave links; radiowave propagation; rain; tropospheric electromagnetic wave propagation; long term rainfall rates; radio link design; short term rainfall rates; three year test; 12.2 GHz radiolink

During a 3-year-period rain intensity was sampled continuously in 1 min-intervals. The relation between short and long term averages of rain intensity is given. Rain attenuation on a 12.2 GHz-radio link was recorded simultaneously with point rainfall rate. Both are related following a method proposal by LIN in 1975. It is shown that data on rainfall rate alone may form a sufficient basis for the design of radio links at frequencies above 10 GHz.