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Text communication in education

: Haefner, K.

Münchner Kreis:
Elektronische Textkommunikation : Electronic text communication, Vortraege des Symposiums 12-15 June 1978
Berlin: Springer, 1978
ISBN: 3-540-09060-6
Symposium Elektronische Textkommunikation <1978, München>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()
data communication systems; educational computing; information services; telephone systems; television applications; education; text communication; viewdata system; data communication

Surveys the possibilities of using electronic telecommunication with character strings in education within the next decade. Distant education and computer based learning (CBL) are considered as existing practice of text communication in education and as models for further developments. Particularly CBL teaching and learning strategies (i.e. drill and practice, programmed instruction, simulation, learner oriented information systems, interactive programming) are taken as example of existing and successfully used text communication. From the experience in CBL it is derived that the present viewdata system itself will not be appropriate as an interactive computer system for delivering education to the learner. However, it is possible to link dedicated computers to the planned German Bildschirmtext-network. Those will allow for most of the applications of CBL.