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Improvement of CATV transmission using an optimum coherent carrier system

: Krick, W.

IEEE transactions on cable television 5 (1980), No.2, pp.65-71
ISSN: 0147-3204
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
cable television; community antenna television; electric distortion; optimum coherent carrier system; line repeater amplifiers; catv; crossmodulation distortion; phase coherent picture carriers; intermodulation distortion

For future development multichannel CATV-transmission systems the utilization of phase-coherent picture carriers is discussed as a means of reducing intermodulation and crossmodulation-distortion arising in the line repeater amplifiers. The author presents experimental and theoretical data for comparison of transmission performance. As a basis, non-coherent operation is reviewed. In order to evaluate the improvement by a coherent system the problem of optimum carrier phase relation is investigated. Experimental results demonstrate the suppression of distortion, if the phases are adjusted according to a certain code which was found by optimization.