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Multiple access TDM communication systems with enhanced channel utilization and security against failure and tapping

: Schulze, E.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers -IEEE-:
NTC '80. IEEE 1980 National Telecommunications Conference : Houston, TX, USA, 30 Nov-4 Dec 1980
New York, NY: IEEE, 1980
National Telecommunications Conference (NTC) <1980, Houston/Tex.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()
communication networks; message switching; multi-access systems; time division multiplexing; channel utilization; security; failure; tapping; integrated-service tdm communication systems; loop structure; line structure; branched structure; decentralized switching; message routing; network structures; system component design; multiple access systems

The introduction of new telecommunication services in modern networks requires the development of appropriate network concepts. In this paper new concepts of integrated-service TDM communication systems are presented based on message switching. Within these networks with loop structure, line structure or branched structure decentralized switching is applied. The message routing principle optimizes the network transmission capacity and its functional reliability in case of disturbances such as cable flaws and component failures. In particular in networks with integrated broadband services a favourable utilization of the transmission capacity is important. These network features are attained by a multiple utilization of a channel by simultaneous independent connections. The network structures and the system component design are explained. Results of a comparison between the proposed and known systems are given. The networks presented offer an improved channel utilization by an amount of four. Additionally a good security against disturbances and tapping is obtained.