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Investigation of optical feedback effects on laser diodes in broad-band optical transmission systems

: Wenke, G.; Elze, G.

Journal of optical communications 2 (1981), No.4, pp.128-33
ISSN: 0173-4911
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
optical communication equipment; optical fibres; semiconductor junction lasers; tapered fibre end faces; optical feedback effects; csp-lasers; plane fiber end faces; reflections; spectral stability; optical transmission systems

Investigations of optical feedback effects on the spectrum and the linearity of CSP-lasers in the 0.85 mu m wavelength region are reported. The feedback is produced as a result of coupling laser light into monomode fibers, provided with tapered and plane fiber end faces. The influence of reflections from the fiber front face and the fiber far end face on the spectral stability and the linearity of lasers is reported. Means of preventing distortions due to optical feedback in digital and analogue optical transmission systems are described.