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Subscriber stations in service integrated optical broad band communications systems

: Buenning, H.; Kreutzer, H.W.; Schmidt, F.

IEEE transactions on communications COM-30 (1982), No.9, pp.2163-2171
ISSN: 0090-6778
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
communication networks; digital communication systems; optical communication; service integrated optical broad band communications systems; hhi broad-band communications system; subscriber stations; star type network; central exchange; analog transmission; distributed control; telephone; data; videophone; tv; stereo; broadcasting; realizations; terminal equipment; power consumption; extendability; reliability; switching; multiplexing; analog optical transmission

Subscriber stations in service integrated communications systems can be implemented in many different ways. Within the HHI Broad-Band Communications System two extremely different solutions have been realized: on the one hand, subscriber stations in a conventional star type network with central exchange and analog transmission, and on the other hand, subscriber stations in a digital, loop-structured network employing distributed control. In both cases, the same services (telephone, data, videophone, TV, and stereo broadcasting) are carried to the subscriber via one single optical fiber. The authors describe these different realizations of service integrated subscriber stations in detail. The size of terminal equipment, power consumption, extendability to further subscribers, and services and reliability are the main parameters of an appropriate comparison. An analysis of both realizations, giving emphasis to the switching and multiplexing, and the feasibility of analog optical transmission is made. Alternative realizations and an estimation concerning subscriber stations for future service integrated broad band communications systems is presented.