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Contribution to the theory of surface deformation on light valve control layers

: Tepe, R.


Electrical engineering 66 (1983), No.5-6, pp.335-41
ISSN: 0003-9039
ISSN: 0948-7921
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
boundary-value problems; electro-optical devices; electrostatic devices; optical modulation; electron beam scanning; surface deformation; light valve control layers; analytical method; viscous fluid; vacuum tube; surface charge pattern; electrostatic boundary value problem; electrostatic forces; navier-stokes differential equation; hydrodynamic boundary value problem; steady state conditions; closed-form expressions

An analytical method is developed for the determination of the deformation of a viscous fluid in a vacuum tube being scanned by an electron beam. Assuming a sinusoidal surface charge pattern, the resulting electrostatic boundary value problem is solved and the electrostatic forces are thereby determined. Assuming again a sinusoidal surface deformation and using the linearized Navier-Stokes differential equation, the resulting hydrodynamic boundary value problem is solved. In steady state conditions between electrostatic and hydrodynamic forces, closed-form expressions are obtained for the deformation, the dependence of which on system parameters are shown in diagrams.