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A self-consistent model of stripe geometry lasers based on the beam propagation method

: Meissner, P.; Patzak, E.; Yevick, D.

IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics QE-20 (1984), No.8, pp.899-905
ISSN: 0018-9197
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
carrier density; electromagnetism; laser theory; semiconductor junction lasers; near field; far field; symmetric transverse modes; simultaneous lasing; self-consistent model; stripe geometry lasers; beam propagation method; maxwell's equations; shooting method; carrier diffusion equation; power-current characteristics; differential quantum efficiencies; gain distributions; wide range of currents; threshold; antisymmetric transverse modes

Using the propagating beam technique to solve Maxwell's equations together with a shooting method solution to the carrier diffusion equation, an iterative, self-consistent procedure is derived for determining the properties of stripe geometry lasers. This procedure allows the calculation of the power-current characteristics, differential quantum efficiencies, gain distributions, and near and far fields over a wide range of currents at and above threshold. Far above threshold, it was found, as expected, that symmetric and antisymmetric transverse modes can lase simultaneously.