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3-D picture projection in lenticular raster screens. I. Photographic recording and playback methods of stereograms

: Borner, R.

Fernseh- + Kino-Technik : FKT 39 (1985), No.8, pp.383-7
ISSN: 0015-0142
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
television equipment; television systems; sequentially photographed stereo images; 3-d picture projection; stereograms; high-resolution television; large-screen image; recording; parallax panoramagrams; photo-optical means; lens screen; large-surface collector; image depth; geometric-optical problems; filming; photographing; projecting; transmission; realization; optimization; image transmission method

In connection with its work 'high-resolution television' the Heinrich Hertz Institute, Berlin, is investigating the feasibility of a large-screen image with a three-dimensional effect which, in contrast to previous processes, may be viewed without the aid of special glasses. A pilot study has been made in recording and reproducing so-called parallax panoramagrams by photo-optical means. Sequentially photographed stereo images were projected through several projectors onto a lens screen, a large-surface collector which by means of directional selection permits the reproduction of image depth. The author discusses how the geometric-optical problems involved in filming, photographing, projecting and transmission were solved, goes into the mathematics, and outlines experiments on the realization and optimization of this image transmission method.