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pnp-type InP/InGaAsP/InP bipolar transistor

: Su, L.M.; Schroeter-Janssen, H.; Li, K.C.; Grote, N.

Electronics Letters 21 (1985), No.21, pp.989-90
ISSN: 0013-5194
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
bipolar transistors; gallium arsenide; iii-v semiconductors; indium compounds; 1 v offset voltage; p-n-p type; pnp type; bipolar transistor; double-heterostructure; InGaAsP/inp; bilateral operation; emitter-up configuration

A pnp double-heterostructure InGaAsP/InP bipolar transistor was fabricated which is capable of bilateral operation. Forward and reverse current gains of about 15 and 5, respectively, were achieved. In the emitter-up configuration, and offset voltage of 1 V, believed to be due to the valence band discontinuity at the base/collector heterojunction, occurs in the IC/VCE characteristics.