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Wideband subscriber station for high-rate optical lines

: Teich, G.; Langer, K.D.; Ehlers, H.

Nachrichtentechnische Zeitschrift : NTZ 38 (1985), No.12, pp.826-30
ISSN: 0027-707X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
broadband networks; optical fibres; optical links; subscriber loops; television reception; television stations; monomode optical line; wideband subscriber station; high-rate optical lines; subscriber station; tv channels; high-definition channel; 1.12 GHz; integrated wideband network; west german post office; narrow pcm-30 band; 280 mbit/s; reverse direction; optical wavelength multiplexing; time multiplex frame; sampling; series-parallel conversion; audio part; narrowband access

Describes a subscriber station capable of receiving several TV channels, including a high-definition channel, over monomode optical 1.12 GHz lines. The station was designed for the integrated wideband network planned by the West German Post Office for the nineties. The narrow PCM-30 band and the 280 Mbit/s reverse direction are separated by optical wavelength multiplexing. The services are provided in a time multiplex frame of 16 channels of 70 Mbit/s each. The block diagram of the station, channel selection by sampling and by series-parallel conversion are explained. The audio part and the narrowband access for the services already in use are described.