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Quantisation of HDTV-colour components with regard to the camera noise

: Schamel, G.

NTZ-Archiv 8 (1986), No.10, pp.263-8
ISSN: 0170-172X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
analogue-digital conversion; colour television cameras; noise; statistical analysis; television reception; television systems; linear colour components; quantisation; HDTV camera; camera noise; A/D converter; linear processing; digital noise reduction

The quantisation of linear (non gamma-precorrected) colour components of a HDTV camera is investigated taking into consideration the increased amount of camera noise. The presumed high complexity of the A/D converter resulting from the linear processing decreases because camera noise and digital noise reduction together yield higher quantization precision. A statistical analysis of the quantization error with regard to the influence of the noise-reduction and the results of subjective tests give information about the quantization accuracy that is necessary to avoid visible degradations.