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High definition television standards conversion

: Reuter, T.

IEE Electronics Division:
Second International Conference on Image Processing and its Applications : 24 - 26 June 1986; venue: Imperial College of Science and Technology, London
London: IEE, 1986 (IEE conference publication 265)
International Conference on Image Processing and its Applications <2, 1986, London>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()
convertors; picture processing; television equipment; television standards; high definition television standards conversion; standards convertor degradation; motion-compensated interpolation; nhk standards converter

The existence of several high definition television (HDTV) standards with differing line and field rates demands the development of high quality HDTV to HDTV standards converters to make possible worldwide program interchange. Furthermore, conversion from HDTV to standard TV and motion picture film will be inevitable. For all conversions, improved methods avoiding the disturbances inherent in conventional procedures have to be investigated. Television standards conversion is a special case of the general N-dimensional sampling rate conversion (see Reuter, Arch. Elektron. and Uebertragungstech., vol.40